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kai posting in Twilight Archives: Twilight Fanfiction and Fanart
User: twi_archives (posted by kaiwynn)
Date: 2007-09-02 00:18
Subject: Stories for deletion.
Security: Public

Were already taken care of:

Amy Rose (And we loved with a love)
Rainbow Martin (Bella sees Jacob) (Summertime)
afterxdreaming (untold twilight stories)
bella_lovestrong (bella's surprise)
bellathebeautiful (kidnapped)
boheme (the cullens)
cheese (that special gift)
isabellamarieswancullen (what if)
junxbug (on the topic of)
looora (Leaving Scars Unseen)
myimmortalityproject (moonrise) (walkers of the night)
roo (twilight the musical)
sammysosa123 (Goodbye for now)
were_pire_luv (As the darkness) (save me) (the community)

I deleted:

Boundari3S (Is love a tender thing?) (twins)
Jade DeBoya (Fears)
MrsLainieCullen (Cleaning) (reflections) (the sleep over)
_bella_ (love and truth) (vision)
alicecullen (the day i met)
bella_lovestrong (6 word love note)
bellalava (lightning)
edward_loves_me_7 (who knew)
edward_luv (Miracle child)
evermoreimmortal (Destiny Holds Us All) (life and death)
exact brand of heroin (what was said between)
eyelovedward (bella's eyes)
fiction_freak (First Sight) (a woman) (back off) (coming back) (half dead)
isabellamarieswancullen (I'd do anything)
juliet earnshaw (how do you feel about that)
loveforedward (an unexpected surprise)
kirrorokitty (the end)
phineas (you and i)
qira (Miracle)
riot (legends)
tsuki_no_ai (so weird)
twilightaholic (Did you know that)
xgotnopridex (Back in my arms)
xoxo a rose for your thoughts (you)

Left alone:

Casiopia (Emmet you idiot)

...All done.
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